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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton used to be the “it” couple in country music. But after their 2015 divorce, their fame turned into very unwanted publicity.

Shelton quickly found love again in his “The Voice” co-host, Gwen Stefani — a relationship he never attempted to hide from the media.

Lambert, on the other hand, remained virtually silent on the matter and, instead, let her music do the talking. But the 33-year-old bombshell didn't let any of her divorce drama come between her and a shot at happiness.

By December 2015, Lambert was dating again.

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She was tied to 28-year-old country singer Anderson East, who made a great date for their red carpet debut at the 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards.

The two met when Lambert randomly attended one of East's shows, and according to her social media, they really hit it off.

The two have performed together:

Adopted kittens together:

And they even rang in the new year together:

However, sadly, the two have reportedly split.

According to OK Magazine, Lambert was ready to settle down with East, but they were on entirely different pages. An anonymous source told the magazine:

“He told her he wants to take a break."

The source continued, saying East wasn't ready to be in such a serious relationship:

“She really felt they were meant to be together. And they still may be — Anderson is only cooling things off. But that doesn’t take away the sting for Miranda.”

Lambert was reportedly rock solid in their future:

“She really loves Anderson and thought they were doing so well … She believed she and Anderson connected on so many levels."

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However, the source said East felt neither of them was ready to take the leap:

“He knew it was going to hurt her but he also knows they’re both just not ready for this. He’s not counting out them getting back together or even marrying someday. He just couldn’t see them marrying now."

Lambert and East have yet to officially confirm or deny their split. But if Lambert's low-profile stance during her divorce from Shelton is any indication, it might be a while before she speaks up about East.

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