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They say that timing is everything — and when it came to 14-year-old Katie Murphy's mother, timing is what saved her life.


This past week at Lannon, Wisconsin's St. John’s Lutheran School, teacher Beth Tomlin taught Murphy's class the precursor signs of what someone might experience when they're having a stroke.

These symptoms include speech difficulty, arm weakness, and face drooping, according to

And thankfully for Murphy, she paid attention to the lesson. She told WISN News:

"And I thought it was kind of cool and weird that people's speech got mixed up (when they have a stroke).”


Two days after Tomlin's lecture, Murphy noticed that her mom, Christa Murphy, was exhibiting some unusual signs.

Murphy said her mom asked her to help put toothpaste on her toothbrush, and shortly thereafter she realized her mother's speech was off. That's when the lightbulb went on:

“Her speech was all mixed up ... I was like, 'Maybe she's having a stroke.'”

Without any time to waste, Murphy immediately did what she was told in class and called 911, telling the dispatcher that her mother may be in the middle of a stroke.

After an ambulance rushed her mom to the hospital, Murphy became aware that she may have just saved her mother's life.

And as mom Christa told WISN, “They had said I had a stroke, which I could not believe at the age of 45 that that was happening.”


She added:

“I'm extremely blessed to be sitting here today.”

In the wake of the potentially fatal incident, Tomlin found out about what took place. She told reporters:

“I believe that the Lord had it all in his hands. He knew how everything was going to turn out, and there's no other way to put it ... was all God's doing.”


As for what caused the stroke, doctors are still trying to figure that out.

Nonetheless, everyone is thankful young Katie Murphy was there to do something.

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