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Stephen A. Smith & Ted Nugent (Fox News screen grab)

Fox News screen grab

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is best known for his role on “First Take,” the definitive example of the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” shifting its programming towards being heavy on “hot take” style commentary. He's an incredibly divisive figure who always gets a reaction, which means that he's would fit in well with cable news, as well.

On Thursday, Smith did just that, guesting on Fox News's new show, “The Fox News Specialists,” with musician Ted Nugent joining the show as the other guest panelist. “The Fox News Specialists” has gotten some attention for its eclectic guest selection, whether it's Smith and Nugent or Kellyanne Conway and pro wrestler Tyrus,

Smith opened by comparing breaking immigration laws to a more serious version of cutting in line at an amusement park, citing a friend of his for the analogy. “So no one should have a problem with illegal immigration getting addressed,” he said. But he's concerned about rhetoric when “they don't emphasize the word 'illegal,' they just say 'immigration.'”

“It gives the impression that there are those who are not welcome,” he continued, “and that's never good for America to disseminate that kind of message.”

Nugent countered by saying that he feels that liberals throw too many blanket accusations of conservatives being anti-immigration in general. He and Smith then realized they were agreeing.

When they started to discuss the proposed border wall, it was time for a break. It wasn't as heated as Smith's argument with host Eric Bolling elsewhere in the same show, but it was still a very Stephen A. Smith moment for Stephen A. Smith fans.

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