Donald Trump sword dancing (Fox News screen grab)

Fox News screen grab

There was an inevitability when President Donald Trump announced a state trip to Saudi Arabia: He would go sword dancing with the Saudis, and it would get caught on camera. George W. Bush did it during his terms as president, and it even became one of the most oft-seen clips of him both on the internet and cable news networks.

According to the Saudi Embassy, the dance, known as the ardha, is the country's official dance. “An ancient tradition with its roots in the country’s central area known as the Najd, the ardha is a combination of singers, dancers carrying swords and a poet or narrator,” reads their description. A poet sings as men holding swords dance the ardha.

President Trump did not look interested in an especially vigorous dance, but eventually got going a little bit. “He's kinda [got a] little bit of a jig there” was the description on Fox News.

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