It was supposed to be a memorable event for mothers and their children. But an Ariana Grande concert became a horrific scene after at least one explosion killed a reported 19 people and separated children from their mothers.

The scene of the blast was sheer bedlam.

Further horrific footage:

The blast at the Manchester, England, concert elicited panic from concert goers all the way to Victoria Station:

One woman's legs were reportedly “nail bombed”:

According to The Telegraph: “North West Counter Terror Command are treating it as a 'possible terrorist incident.'”

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

Mothers and fathers became separated from their children. Reportedly, over 50 children were gathered in nearby hotels, such as the Holiday Inn.

One parent who appeared to have lost her child was Charlotte Hall, who posted an image of her child on Twitter that drew thousands of retweets. She later made an announcement that her child had been found:

The mayor of Liverpool was able to find his children after the attack:

A mother recounts her harrowing experience with her 11-year-old daughter:

Thank goodness for small miracles.

We can only pray that all parents are so fortunate as to find their children safe and sound after this horrific blast.

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