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Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A horrific scene at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night has left many seeking answers.

At least 22 people were murdered and 59 others were injured in the suspected terror attack, which police believe was carried out by an “improvised explosive device.” There has been speculation that the attack was a suicide bombing, and furthermore, the suspect may have acted alone.

The Greater Manchester Police announced it has arrested a suspect in connection with the “incident”:

The police thus far have not called the incident a “terrorist attack,” nor did they provide a mugshot or further description beyond the suspect's age.

President Donald Trump condemned the perpetrators of the Manchester bombing as “evil losers” while on his visit to the Middle East.

The Manchester terror attack would be the deadliest in the United Kingdom since the 7/7 attacks of 2005, when 56 innocent people were killed by suicide bombers.

Correction: Salman Abedi is 22-years-old, not 23-years-old, as earlier reported.

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