Netanyahu’s Son Met the Trumps and Noted He's Had Experiences Similar to Barron

| MAY 23, 2017 | 8:27 PM

Thomas Coex/Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu haven't been shy about sharing their bond.

Both men regularly address each other during press conferences by their first names and often refer to the other as “my friend.”

It seems, after their recent visit to Israel, the relationship between the Netanyahus and Trumps has become a family affair.

According to Netanyahu's son, Yair, First Lady Melania Trump left quite the impression on Netanyahu's wife, Sara, during her trip to the United States.

Yair met the first family at the prime minister's Jerusalem residence and was captured on camera telling the first lady, his mom “talks about you all the time.” Melania returned the compliment and called Sara “fantastic.”


After declaring he's a “big fan” of both Melania and the president, he forged his own connection with the first lady over her son, Barron Trump.

The 25-year-old said, “You know, I can relate a lot to what Barron's going through because I've been his age in my dad's first term.”

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Sara shared that after the election, when Barron was the target of multiple attacks, her son told her, “I feel the burn. Because he's a child and doesn't have any tools or ability to fight them.”

Yair claimed that at only five-years-old he was already the subject of critical satires.

Melania responded with the advice that the experience “only makes you stronger.”