Have your parents ever inadvertently stolen the spotlight?

Iqra Hosain knows how this goes.

According to BuzzFeed, the 18-year-old received a scholarship from the Ronald McDonald House Charities. As a result, she and her parents were invited to a luncheon.

While at the event, Hosain was asked to be interviewed, so her mom excitedly stood in the foreground — she wanted to record her daughter's shining moment on her own cell phone.

Her dad...

Well he had something more important to do:

Like take a selfie with the one and only Ronald McDonald himself:


The selfie wasn't planned, but Hosain's dad knew he couldn't let the opportunity slip away from him.

He explained to BuzzFeed:

“Let me put myself into the American kid’s shoes and take a selfie with McDonald ... The small things you do, give you pleasure.”

The result is pretty fantastic:


Hosain admitted that she thought the selfie was pretty funny herself, which is why she shared it with her friends on Twitter.

The video has been viewed over 1.9 million times and many see themselves in Hosain's father:

Way to go, Dad.

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