Some of the greatest videos on the internet consist of a soldier surprising his or her family after being deployed for months. But what about a video of the family that is still anxiously awaiting their loved one's return home?

Larry Bert's son has been deployed for the last three months. However, before he left, the soldier organized a present for his daughter, Pia, who is just a toddler.


According to Bert's YouTube account, his son was deployed for about a month before his daughter-in-law gave their daughter the gift.

The gift was a stuffed animal that recorded his voice. Bert captured his granddaughter's reaction on video:

The teddy bear says:

“Hey, P. I love you. See you soon.”

And the little girl knew exactly whose voice she was listening to. P jumped, screamed, and hugged the teddy bear as tightly as she could.

She exclaimed:

“Dad! I wanna see Dad!”

As Bert explained on YouTube, P's father won't be back home until late this summer. However, when he does return home, he will no longer be a father to just one beautiful little girl:

“His wife, Kelly, gave birth to [a] little girl in April 2017 and her Dad will not see her until she's 4 months old.”

Here's to praying that this soldier returns home safely and reunites with his family as soon as possible.

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