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New Year's Eve 2017 In Times Square

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Comedienne Kathy Griffin, who has been a fixture of CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast as the (somewhat mismatched) sidekick of Anderson Cooper, is now out of a job. That job, specifically.

CNN's public relations Twitter account broke the news on early Wednesday afternoon:

Griffin found herself in hot water on Tuesday after TMZ started hyping a photo shoot that she did with photographer Tyler Shields, who specializes in evocative, shocking imagery. The shoot consisted of Griffin holding a supposed “decapitated head” of President Donald Trump, which was covered in “blood.”

Griffin apologized hours later, but it appears to have been too little, too late. It may not have helped that Shields told the New York Daily News that the project “was always a collaboration,” adding that “It wasn't completely her, but it wasn't completely me either.”

Shields also went so far as to say that “without Kathy, I would've never done a photo like that,” because “she's the only person I can ever see doing this...Not a lot of people are fearless enough to do something like this.”

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