A Liberty County, Texas, father was at a local gas station with his wife when he watched a man drive off on a motorcycle.

When the Houston-area father looked more closely, he quickly learned the man driving the bike was a father himself — between the driver and the front of the motorcycle was a two-year-old boy, KTRK reports.

Instantly infuriated by the man's poor judgment, the father quickly took out his phone to snap a picture. He posted the photo to Facebook:

Many commented on the photo in agreement. Some said they also witnessed him riding the motorcycle:

Texas law prohibits children under a certain age from riding on a motorcycle. According Texas personal injury attorney Matt Anderson's homepage:

Texas House Bill 537, introduced in September 2009, prohibits children under the age of 5 from riding on a motorcycle. The minimum penalty for breaking this law is a $100 fine.

All passengers riding a motorcycle in Texas must be riding on either a permanent fixed seat, or else on “another seat firmly attached to the motorcycle behind or to the side of the operator.” Similarly, any passenger or motorcyclist aged 21 or under must wear a motorcycle helmet.

Texas law does allow children younger than five to ride in a sidecar, or even as a regular pillion in emergency situations.

When the photo started gaining nationwide attention, a commenter revealed that he was the man in the photo, writing on Facebook:

I seen all of your post an [sic] got all your threats screen shot so keep talking s—t about me an [sic] will see how that works for you an [sic] the one who took this picture it would be in your best interest to take it off...!

The comment has since been deleted.

According to KTRK, the Liberty County Sheriff's Department later arrested the man in the picture for an outstanding warrant. They identified him as Anthony Welsh.


Authorities said that though Welsh was arrested for a prior traffic incident, he could face additional charges such as child endangerment because of the photo.

And as KTRK and CNN reported:

Other witnesses reportedly saw Welsh driving the bike with the little boy not sitting in an approved seat, which must be secured to the back of the motorcycle with hand grips and two-foot pegs.

The little boy was also not wearing a helmet.

The man who took the photo explained to KTRK his reasoning for posting the photo:

“I'm not looking to necessarily get the guy thrown in jail, but he needs to get the hint the child's life is in danger. That's dangerous.”

He wishes to remain anonymous.

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