Devale Ellis and his wife, K. Ellis, have two children together.

In April, K. left early one morning to take some time for herself, leaving Devale with the task of getting their two young sons ready for the day.

That was all it took for Devale to figure out that K. is the glue that holds their family together.

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After his experience, the father of two hopes his wife never leaves him with morning duty ever again.

He detailed his trials and tribulations on Instagram:

Devale said:

Let me tell you all about the morning I had. K. left me by myself with the kids to get them ready. Now she normally don't do that. She normally gets them ready before she leaves. I will never in my life ask her “what's taking so long” again.

The stressed out father explained:

It took me an hour and a half to get both these kids ready. I burned like 1,500 calories. Midway through the change, Ro-Ro poops. So now I've got to bathe him. I take him out of his clothes to bathe him. Jackson was already dressed, you know what he did? He went and got undressed because he thought he was going in the bathroom.

Now, he's undressed, Ro-Ro's undressed and we're back to square one. I finally get them two dressed, I go to hit the door and I realized I don't even have clothes on. I got on socks and drawers.

As Devale detailed, chaos ensued as he tried to get himself dressed — Ro-Ro kept screaming, and Jackson was no help.

The father said he was losing his mind, and you can see it written all over his face:

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After the mayhem finally came to an end, Devale had “two words” for his wife: “Never again.”

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