Nephew Sees Wall Decor at Aunt's House and Gets Inspired. She Just Wanted to Make Time Stand Still

| JUN 7, 2017 | 6:21 PM


Yolanda Knox and her blended family just moved into their new home.

In the home is a wall that Knox's nephew, Terrell, found particularly inspiring. According to PopSugar, that wall is in the living room, and it contains words and pictures.

Terrell took a photo of the wall and posted it to Twitter:

On the wall is the phrase, “In these moments, time stood still.” A wedding photo of Knox and her husband is directly below it.

Underneath the wedding photo are four clocks. Under each clock is a baby photo of each one of their children with their name and date of birth. Knox explained to PopSugar that each clock is set to the exact moment that child was born.

She said the wall is their family's way of celebrating their blended family:

“My husband and I have a blended family, both having two children from previous relationships, which is the reasoning behind the wall decor. If asked how many children do we have, we say four because together we are a one and there's no separation. Sometimes in the blink of an eye, your children grow up so fast and you sit back a think I sure wish I could make time stand still!”

And so she did.