Reza Aslan - CNN host

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Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

In the wake of yet another terrorist attack in London, President Donald Trump's initial public comment was a tweet promoting his travel ban:

Seven minutes later, he tweeted what many believe should've been his first response:

The debate over the first tweet and its timing is valid.

However, CNN's Reza Aslan, host of “Believer,” chose to respond in a different manner, calling the president “an embarrassment to America,” and worse:

The link in the second tweet points to a tweet from NBC News, which references Trump calling the attack terrorism before it was confirmed by officials as such:

As the media continued on Sunday to torch Trump over his travel ban tweet, it's worth noting that gun-control advocates often immediately use tragic shootings to push gun legislation.

Setting aside the argument over Trump's tweet, imagine the consequences if a Fox News host were to have called President Barack Obama similar names.

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