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In 2015, the Kansas City Royals won the hearts of America after their long awaited victory in the World Series.

However, there's one company you certainly won't see sporting Royals jerseys this season. After news broke that the Vitae Foundation, a non-profit pro-life educational organization was advertising with the baseball team, Planned Parenthood took a stand.

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The Planned Parenthood Great Plains website published a letter that its supporters can easily send to the baseball organization. The letter urged the Royals to cut ties with Vitae because “extremist ideology does not belong in baseball,” and they declared that the foundation lies to and demeans women.

PP-Great Plains called the organization's ads “anti-abortion propaganda” and claimed they are “demeaning and offensive to Planned Parenthood's patients and supporters.”

Planned Parenthood described Vitae's message as “hateful speech against women,” and then the taxpayer-funded pro-choice organization argued that a taxpayer funded stadium “should not be used as a megaphone for extreme ideology.”

Fox News 4 reported that over 44,000 people signed a petition for the Royals to give in to Planned Parenthood's demands, and on Tuesday, the pro-choice advocacy organization, Ultraviolet, sent fans a message of its own.


A plane flew over the team's Kauffman Stadium and pulled a banner that said, “Royals fans deserve the truth — drop Vitae.”

Ultraviolet's Chief Campaigns Officer Karin Roland claimed the company misleads the public by incorrectly telling women they'll “get cancer or suffer debilitating mental illnesses if they have an abortion.”

The Kansas City Star reported that Mike Swanson, the Royals Vice President for Communications and Broadcasting, said Vitae has agreements with other sports properties and media outlets, as well, and added: "as a general manner of practice, the club takes no official position on culturally-sensitive issues.”

In response to the backlash, Vitae urged its Facebook followers to post a message on the Kansas City Royals Facebook page thanking the organization for airing the ads.

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