A Brooklyn-based brewery announced this week that it is releasing a new beer later this month in celebration of the upcoming NYC PrideFest.

The new beer from Threes Brewing, labeled “Gender Neutral,” is described as “pale lager with a lemon twist.”

Promotional image: Threes Brewery

The brewery announced on its website that Gender Neutral will be launched on June 22 at a “pre-pride party” in celebration of LGBTQ rights.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, which describes itself as “America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality.”

Threes Brewing co-founder Joshua Stylman told Gowanus Patch that Gender Neutral was created as a result of issues about which the brewery's founders care deeply:

"As we grow and are starting to get some attention, we think it’s incumbent upon us to use whatever platform we have to make a difference about issues we care deeply about.

A lot of those themes broadly center around human rights. More specifically, LGBTQ rights are a topic close to most of the team here. We think it’s ridiculous that in 2017 this is an issue, but apparently it still is."

Stylman said Threes Brewing has been wanting to brew a beer like “Gender Neutral” for a long time:

"It’ll be a light summer beer, certainly something that will be perfect for the season. We've wanted to brew something — a lighter style lager — with a citrus zest for a long time.

Given the timing of pride week and the start of the summer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to link these two elements."

Among Threes Brewing's other beers are “Temporary Identity,” “Chronic Myopia,” “Constant Disappointment,” and “I Hate Myself.”

“Gender Neutral” will be available for pre-sale on June 14.

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