It's a tale as old as time — a damsel in distress is saved by her knight in shining armor who rode in on his trusty steed.

In today's world, knights in shining armor seem to be in short supply and men tend to ride in on Uber, but one police officer has proven the fairytale storyline still exists.

On Tuesday, Jacksonville, Florida, Sergeant Billy Irvin, dove into St. Johns River and rescued a woman who was floating in the water. A fellow officer snapped a photo of Irvin moments after his heroism and posted it to the sheriff office's Facebook page:

The photo featured Irving in a sopping wet t-shirt clinging to his seemingly made for a Disney prince body. While many people praised the officer for his quick thinking, the picture left a few too many women trying to create their own happy ending.

The post was inundated with so many requests to be rescued, that Jacksonville police issued a public service announcement on Facebook. It began with their disbelief that they're even forced to put out a message and noted that he wasn't the first, and possibly won't be the last, officer to rescue someone from the river.


Then, it reminded the public of four things, the first being a life-threatening river jump may be for naught:

A. Sgt Irvin works shift work (and we’re not telling you which shift) so there’s no guarantee that he’ll be on duty. B. You don’t get to pick which hero comes to your rescue but all of our members are available to come to any citizen’s aid 24/7.

The post noted that jumping into the river is very dangerous and “there are much safer options to meet a great guy.” Jacksonville police reassured their members will do anything “within policy,” to help citizens and reminded people to have a “safe, happy” and specifically “dry” weekend.

While some women may be disappointed to learn they won't be able to nudge their fairytale towards happily ever after, it's important to remember we make our own.

Plus, Cinderella didn't text Prince Charming to meet at the ball and Ariel didn't call ahead to find out when Prince Eric would be strolling on the beach, and it worked out for them.

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