Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro went full-blown Judge Jeanine on James Comey Saturday night.

The Fox News host blasted the former FBI director, calling him a “schizo” and “Mr. America,” asking if he has “delusions of grandeur,” and skewering him for calling a press conference to announce he wouldn't recommend an indictment against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

“Grow up! You're acting like a two-year-old!” she demanded.

Accusing Comey of creating “a level of hysteria not witnessed since Watergate,” Pirro said, “The greatest political hoax since Eve convinced Adam to eat that apple is being spun by Jim Comey, in a conspiracy worthy of a Greek tragedy.” Like all Greek tragedies, she said, this one won't end well.

Among the “highlights”:

“Are you schizo? Are you the same guy who held a press conference to do what has never been done in the history of this country, and announced to the world that no reasonable prosecutor would indict Hillary?

By the way, Mr. America, how is it that you always seem to find your way into the middle of a national crisis?

Do you have delusions of grandeur? You spend a lot of time talking about your emotions.”

The former judge suggested Comey, whom she also referred to as a “political operative,” was fully aware it was a federal crime to leak notes of his conversations with President Trump to the media.

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