In terms of news, the last week has been a busy one, and in the tone of everyone's favorite middle child Jan Brady, it's all “Comey, Comey, Comey.”

While everyone's been talking about former FBI Director James Comey, one CNN news anchor noticed that what everyone's actually saying couldn't be more polarized.

On Friday, John Berman began his segment by noting, “When it gets right down to it, the Comey hearing is really bad for the president — or it's really good. It depends who you ask.”

He explained that the narratives being discussed were so different, it “could make you wonder if everyone was even watching the same hearing.”

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CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter compiled clips of how pundits across the aisle presented the hearing. Depending on what channel you were watching, you could have heard any range of statements, including:

  • “A huge victory for Donald Trump today, and a massive defeat for the Democrats and, of course, the propaganda media.”
  • “Today was, really was, as it was predicted to be, the worst day of the Trump presidency.”
  • “Jim Comey's credibility is at about zero right now.”
  • “Imagine, right now, the seething rage that you know the president is living with.”

Stetler called the hearing proof of a “choose your own news” cycle, something Berman experienced firsthand. He explained that he was at an event and “everyone wanted to talk about the Comey hearing ... everyone watched it, and not a single mind was changed by it.”

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Berman added, “They went in with one idea, and no matter what side they were on, they came out with the same idea.”

He went on to do his own “academic exercise” and try to get two of his panelists, CNN political commentator and Trump supporter Jeff Lord and Democratic strategist Maria Cardona, to agree that certain things were said, although they may not agree with the statement:

"Did James Comey admit Donald Trump was not under investigation while he was FBI director?

Cardona: Yes, but ...

Do you concede that the former FBI director basically said the president of the United States lied or was dishonest in varying degrees?

Lord: I agree that he said it, but ..."

Ultimately, Berman found it came down to a battle of Clinton vs. Trump, and both panelists tried to shift the attention toward the person on the other side.

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