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On June 12, the NBA's 2017 season came to an end when the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to become champions.

The Warriors were led to a victory by their star forward, Kevin Durant, and their stud point guard, Steph Curry. And while the two stars celebrated together at the sound of the buzzer, their attention quickly turned to their families once they entered the court.

Immediately, all eyes were on Curry as he spent time with his two littlest fans— his daughters, four-year-old Riley and one-year-old Ryan.

And Twitter loved all of the specials moments he shared with them out on the court.

They embraced in big hugs:

And kisses:

They greeted the fans (even though little Ryan seemed to need a minute taking it all in):

They celebrated by dancing like no one was watching:

And by looking at themselves in the trophy.

They simply soaked in the moment together:

And they smiled and laughed till they just couldn't anymore:

They then ended the night with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, posing for a family photo and holding up the number two— the number of championships Curry has won so far:

While winning is great, the victory wouldn't taste as sweet without the ones you love the most by your side.

Because as the NBA pointed out, Steph Curry's family is the reason “why he plays.”

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