Watch Chris Wallace Catch Trump Lawyer Admitting That the President Is Under Investigation

| JUN 18, 2017 | 8:08 PM

Fox screengrab

On Sunday, Jay Sekulow, a member of President Donald Trump's legal team, did his rounds on the major morning news shows, including on CBS and CNN. But it was Fox's Chris Wallace who got the deepest and most contentious interview out of him on “Fox News Sunday.”

From a newsworthiness point of view, the most important part was Sekulow seemingly admitting that Trump is under investigation. He later claimed that was not what he said or meant to say, and Sekulow did eventually settle on the point that he can't know for sure whether or not the president is under investigation.

Like his other Sunday morning appearances, Sekulow's interview with Wallace opened with a denial that Trump was under investigation. Rather than clarifying the president's tweet saying otherwise, Sekulow said the tweet was a response to the WaPo report that said there is a probe looking into whether Trump committed obstruction of justice. But the exchange heated up quickly.

When Wallace tried to get Sekulow to concede that, even if there was no investigation letter, there's no way to be sure Trump isn't under investigation, the president's lawyer said: “I can't read people's minds.” Later, when Sekulow tried to argue about Wallace's motivations, Wallace would come back to that statement.

But the big argument came when Wallace asked if the president believes that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is doing anything wrong, as the president seemingly blamed Rosenstein for the Special Counsel investigation. Sekulow then attempted to lay out the whole scenario, twice saying Trump was, indeed, under investigation.

When Wallace called him on it, Sekulow said he was just laying out the legal theory in play, but he had not prefaced the statements that way.