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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced on Monday that it issued a detainer request for the man who authorities charged with murdering a Muslim teen on Sunday in Virginia.

Police allege that El Salvadorian citizen, Darwin Martinez Torres, killed a 17-year-old Muslim girl, apparently in relation to road rage and not her faith. In a statement obtained by Fox's Washington D.C. affiliate, ICE confirmed that it issued a detainer for Torres:

On June 19, ICE lodged a detainer on Darwin Martinez Torres, a citizen and national of El Salvador, with the Adult Detention Center in Fairfax, Virginia. ICE lodges detainers on aliens who have been arrested on local criminal charges when the agency has probable cause to believe an alien is removable from the United States. Mr. Martinez Torres has no prior encounters with ICE.

Authorities suspect Torres beat his victim, Nabra Hassanen, with a baseball bat. Her autopsy revealed she had blunt force trauma to her upper body.

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