NC Police Officers Responded to a Noise Complaint, But Ended up Joining in the Fun Instead

| JUL 5, 2017 | 4:27 PM

On Sunday, July 2, Asheville, North Carolina, police officers Joe Jones and Carrie Lee responded to a noise complaint. However, when they arrived at the scene, they discovered the noise was just the result of kids enjoying the summer sun with a massive slip and slide.

“The officers got there and people were like, ‘Oh my gosh, the cops are here. They’re going to shut us down,’ but they noticed the noise was fine. It was literally the sound of kids playing,” police public information officer Christina Hallingse told ABC News.

Because the slide was far enough to the side of the street that cars could get through the officers didn't issue any citations. Instead, they decided to embrace the unexpected scene and join in:

Lee asked neighbors for a trash bag, and after taking off her radio and climbing in, she headed down the homemade water slide:

Jones is a sizable man and unlike Lee, at first, he had no way to protect his uniform from the water. He told CNN, “I thought I was going to be able to get out of it because I'm too big to fit in a trash bag. But then when the kids pulled out this big raft ... I had no choice.”

Neighbor Travis Eagledove called it the “best slide” from all three days and added it was the only time the raft made it all the way to the bottom:

Eagledove seemed grateful for how the officers handled the situation and told ABC News, “They had such good energy. All the kids were loving it.”

In the end, the officers posed for pictures, told everyone to have a great day, and thanked them for the fun.

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