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New information regarding the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., emerged on Friday when the number of people who attended the meeting with him and a Kremlin-connected lawyer grew to eight.

Trump Jr. agreed to take the meeting after he was informed that the Russians he would be meeting with would provide him with disparaging information regarding Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. said in an interview on Tuesday that all the information in reference to the meeting was out in public; however, since then, it has been learned that additional people attended the meeting since what was reported at the time of the interview.

Prior to the interview, it was known that the meeting was attended by Trump Jr., the Russian lawyer, White House Senior Advisor and son-in-law to the president Jared Kushner, and the Trump campaign's former Manager Paul Manafort.

Since then it was revealed that a Russian-American lobbyist, who allegedly has ties to counterintelligence as well as the publicist who originally arranged the meeting, were also in attendance.

It has been reported that a translator was also present at the meeting, as was an unidentified individual from the Russian family that originally asked the publicist to arrange the meeting, were also in the room.

After the initial reports of the meeting, Trump Jr. released his emails that show how the meeting was arranged. The Trump family and the White House have downplayed this meeting as they claim it did not lead to any information that could be of use to the campaign.

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