President Trump: US Gov't Will Not Accept Transgender Individuals to Serve in Military

| JUL 26, 2017 | 1:28 PM


President Donald Trump took to Twitter again on Wednesday morning, this time with a shocking statement regarding transgender persons and their service in the U.S. military:

Barbara Starr, CNN's Pentagon correspondent, said moments after the tweets were posted that the statement from the president took the Pentagon “very suddenly” and alleged that there was no one in the press office who knew that Trump was going to make such a statement Wednesday morning.

Starr continued by asking if this statement would apply retroactively to those transgender individuals already serving in the military.

“Does the United States military now go on a search for those who are serving who are transgender and force them out of the military?” Starr asked. “I think right now, as we stand here, that is the big unanswered question.”