Without any public explanation, the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Chief Information Officer (CIO) left his post after only three months on the job.

On Monday, DHS confirmed that its CIO Richard Staropoli, a former U.S. Secret Service agent, resigned just after Trump appointed him on May 1. According to The Hill, Staropoli resigned last week and will be replaced by his deputy CIO Stephen Rice until Trump appoints Staropoli's permanent replacement.

As Fedscoop noted, Staropoli's resignation came just after Trump appointed his boss, DHS Secretary John Kelly, to White House Chief of Staff.

Staropoli reportedly wanted to reform DHS so it ran like a hedge fund. “We’ve moved out all these deputies and all these directors from their offices located all over these different buildings that DHS occupies,” Staropoli said at a Fedscoop event in June.

“I’ve got every entity I need in one spot,” he said. “That cuts down on bureaucracy and allows me the maximum benefit of maximizing my time, so we can achieve results.”

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