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In his first 200 days as president, Trump held only one solo press conference, fewer than every other president since former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Trump's immediate predecessor, former President Barack Obama, held nine press conferences while both George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan held three during that time period. Former presidents Lyndon B. Johnson, with 19 total, and George H.W. Bush, with 18, held the most, CNN reported.

Statistics from the University of California, Santa Barbara showed that Democratic presidents tended to hold more solo press conferences than Republicans did. Even though only five of the past 12 presidents were Democrats, together they held 10 more press conferences than Republicans did during their first 200 days as president (63 Democratic press conferences versus 53 Republican ones).

Trump held his first and only solo press conference on Feb. 16.

Behind H.W. Bush and Johnson, Kennedy and Eisenhower each held 14 press conferences during their first 200 days.

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