Nuclear-Armed Trump Pimps Garbage Poll Saying He's Better Than Obama

| AUG 10, 2017 | 1:54 PM
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Screenshot/The White House

Screenshot/The White House

On the fifth day of his “working vacation” that's “not a vacation,” Donald Trump was up early feeding the yawning chasm of insecurity that is now part of our daily existence.

After a couple of days dominated by his threat of nuclear hellfire, though, it was particularly disturbing to see such a vivid demonstration of Trump's feelings of inadequacy.

First, Trump launched another attack at Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for failing to repeal Obamacare:

Presumably, this only served to remind Trump that his humiliating failure to pass Trumpcare was just another reminder of his gross inferiority to the man who preceded him in office because his next tweet was of an unscientific online poll proclaiming that Trump is a better president than former President Barack Obama was:

In the world of reputable polling, Trump is historically unpopular, including a recent poll that said voters wish Obama were still president instead of Trump by a 13-point margin. The poll Trump tweeted is one of those online polls that are easily swarmed and in which people are easily able to vote multiple times.

But a quick review of ProgressPolls's other surveys reveals the humiliating truth that even among that Twitter feed's insular audience, Trump is relatively unpopular.

That 61 percent-to-39 percent is dwarfed by, for example, the 83 percent who don't think the “wage gap for women is real” or the 90 percent who think it was “insensitive” of CNN's Jim Acosta “to insinuate that only British and Australian people speak English to Stephen Miller.”

This would all be amusing if Trump were still just a TV host who likes to hang fake magazine covers at his golf courses, but in the context of the current crisis of nuclear diplomacy with North Korea, it is downright frightening.

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