This Grandmother's Reaction to Tim Tebow Sending Her a Private Message Is Bound to Warm Your Heart

| AUG 15, 2017 | 5:49 PM

Tim Tebow is a man of many talents and touching the lives of others is no exception to that.

The football player turned broadcaster, turned anchor, turned author, turned baseball player, is now swinging a bat for the St. Lucie Mets, a minor league baseball team.

While Tebow had been crushing it on the field with a .239 batting average and 5 home runs in less than 50 games, he is also making headlines off the field, reports.

Tebow was signing some memorabilia when one fan approached the former Heisman Trophy winner and asked if he would give a shout-out to his grandmother, Miss Margaret, New York Daily News reports.

The star athlete politely obliged, looking into the cell phone camera and saying:

“What’s up Miss Margaret. It’s Tim Tebow. Hope you’re having a good day. God bless.”

According to New York Daily News, the best part came when Miss Margret watched the video of Tebow giving her the shout-out.

At first, the grandmother appeared speechless before saying:

“Isn't that something.”

Miss Margret added, before she appeared to become emotional:

“That's something to hear him say your name.”

This video is by no means the first time Tebow has wowed his fans off the field.

Just the other week, Tebow shook the hand of an autistic boy before he crushed a hit:

And he comforted a fan with prayer when the fan became unconscious in the stands after suffering a stroke.

Good stuff, Tebow. Good stuff.

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