Flake: Goal of Border Wall Is Not Just to 'Fulfill Campaign Promise'

| AUG 24, 2017 | 5:35 PM
Brian Kilmeade and Jeff Flake 08-24-17 (Fox News screen grab)

Screenshot/Fox News

Screenshot/Fox News

On Thursday morning, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss President Donald Trump's campaign promise of a wall along the United States/Mexico border. Most notably, while he stressed that they share the goal of a strong border, Flake said that Trump needs to consider alternative ideas to the wall to meet that goal.

“I think the president and all of us share the same goal: to have a secure border,” he said. "And what we need to do is say, 'What does that mean? Where do we need fences, where do we need sensors, where do we simply need surveillance to get a secure border?'

“That's the goal,” he added. “Not to just fulfill a campaign promise of a wall.”

Flake also noted that “it doesn't make sense in certain areas, certainly in Arizona,” due to property and other issues that could block the building of a wall. “I would love to show the president those areas.”