White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Holds Daily Briefing

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

CNN's Jim Acosta went on a lengthy Twitter rant on Thursday, claiming the White House was “back to playing games” after Press Secretary Sarah Sanders “refused” to call on him during the latest press briefing.

Acosta, whose combative relationship with President Donald Trump and his administration has garnered considerable attention, aired his grievances on social media after not being able to ask a question.

“Shocker! WH back to playing games and refusing to call on CNN at WH briefing,” Acosta wrote, adding, “It's almost September and Trump still has yet to take questions from reporters in the WH briefing room.”

The senior White House correspondent also compared the Trump administration to its predecessor, claiming, “Not to belabor the issue [...] but the Obama WH always called on Fox at WH press briefings.”

Acosta has been in the headlines multiple times since Trump took over the presidency, including back in February, when the president slammed CNN as “fake news,” only to upgrade it to “very fake news” after Acosta claimed Trump was “attacking our network.”

“I'm changing it. From fake news, though. Very fake news,” Trump said.

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