When People Were Attacked by Antifa, New York Mag Worried About Fuel for 'Right-Wingers'

| AUG 29, 2017 | 7:52 PM
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On Sunday, members of antifa came out in force to counter-protest a 'pro-freedom" event in Berkeley. The protests reached a point where antifa started to attack some event attendees.

New York Magazine reported on the assaults, but they also lamented how the attacks “fuel[s] right-wingers”:

Nevertheless, images of defenseless Trump supporters being mobbed by their ideological nemeses lent stark visual support to the conservative narrative that antifa is a menace equivalent to white nationalism.


Such clips energized right-wing commentators who saw proof that President Trump was right when he said that “many sides” played a role in the Charlottesville violence, which featured scenes of antifa clashing with white nationalists. Trump recently called out the group by name at a rally in Arizona.

The article concluded that, while antifa has yet to kill anyone, the “pesky fact is unlikely to dissuade right-wingers from holding up small-scale violent incidents like Sunday’s to drive home the point that left-wing agitators are the real menace facing America.”

The radical left-wing group was caught on video chasing down people and beating them. Journalists were also attacked for taking pictures and videos of attacks by antifa members.

In another case, a photojournalist was attacked by antifa during a march in Richmond, Virginia. He was left with a gash on his head that required staples. The local antifa chapter blamed the attack on the photographer, saying he was drunk.

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