President Trump Welcomes Finnish President Niinisto To White House

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On Wednesday, amid escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea, President Donald Trump claimed on Twitter that the U.S. has been paying the adversarial nation “extortion money” for 25 years, adding that “talking is not the answer”:

The president's latest comments regarding North Korea come days after the country fired a missile over Japan, one of its most aggressive acts of escalation yet.

And according to leader Kim Jong Un, the launch over Japan was just the beginning of a series of missile tests in preparation for the country's planned attack near the American territory of Guam.

On Tuesday, the president firmly stated that “all options are on the table” following North Korea's latest missile test.

“The world has received North Korea[']s latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,” Trump said.

Trump has increasingly come under attack over his handling of the ongoing North Korean conflict. Former State Department official Joel Rubin told CNBC this week that the president's “fire and fury policy” has already “crashed and burned.”

And according to a new Pew Research Center survey, the majority of Americans are either “not too confident or not at all confident” in Trump making decisions regarding the use of nuclear weapons.

The president on Wednesday also further commented on his trip to Texas on Tuesday following the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, tweeting, “After witnessing first hand the horror & devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, my heart goes out even more so to the great people of Texas!”

He also tweeted some familiar attacks on the press, slamming what he called “false reporting and even ferocious anger in some dying magazines.” However, it wasn't immediately clear what the president was specifically referring to.

“It makes me wonder,” Trump added. “WHY? All I want to do is #MAGA!”

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