Vladimir Putin (MSNBC screen grab)


While speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in response to a question he dismissed as “naive,” clarified the nature of his relationship with President Donald Trump.

Russian news agencies reported that Putin distanced himself from Trump by saying Trump wasn't his “bride” and that he wasn't Trump's “groom.” A reporter had asked Putin whether he was disappointed in Trump after he ordered two Russian diplomatic outposts to close.

While Putin described the decision as poorly handled and “done in such a rude way,” according to the Associated Press, he pushed back on characterizing his disposition as “disappointed.”

Putin also refused to comment on how his country felt about a potential Trump impeachment. In Putin's view, it was “absolutely wrong” for him to comment on America's domestic politics.

The Russian president did, however, compliment the United States as a “great country.”

“The American nation, America is truly a great country and a great people if they can tolerate such a big number of people with such a low level of political culture,” Putin reportedly said.

Although Russian officials welcomed Trump's election, relations between the two countries have since soured largely due to suspicions that Russia meddled with the election in 2016. In response to Russia's alleged meddling, the Trump administration last week ordered three Russian facilities to close in San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.

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