Dennis Rodman Says He and Kim Jong Un 'Do a Lot of Cool Things Together'

| SEP 7, 2017 | 6:38 PM

Screenshot/Good Morning Britain

Former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman has embarked on several trips to North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un and recently went into more detail about what exactly he does there.

“I basically hang out with [Kim] all the time,” said Rodman, one of the few Americans to ever meet the isolated nation's leader, on the “Good Morning Britain” TV program. “We laugh, we sing karaoke, we do a lot of cool things together. We ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing.”

Rodman said he rarely talks politics during his visits, instead treating his visits as opportunities to bring people together through sports, particularly basketball.

“I've never seen anyone in my life have that much power,” Rodman said of the dictator, while also downplaying the negative effects of Kim's rule when pressed by host Piers Morgan.

Regarding tenuous relations with the U.S., Rodman said, “I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together.”

Listen to Rodman's full comments below via ITV.