'I'm Coming After You': Florida's Fierce AG Isn't Having It With Businesses Price Gouging Ahead of Irma

| SEP 9, 2017 | 1:33 PM
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In preparation for Hurricane Irma's wrath, millions of Floridians are trying to get out of the storm's way. However, as residents are leaving, they've noticed a disturbing trend.

Some Florida hotels and businesses have jacked up their prices, but Attorney General Pam Bondi has made it perfectly clear that no one takes advantage of her residents.

“Sadly, I can't put them in jail,” she told Fox News's Neil Cavuto and explained since it's only “civil penalties,” the maximum fine she can issue per day is $25,000. However, she's come up with a punishment of her own.

“I will shame them. I will go all over TV and tell everyone who they are and not to shop in their stores,” Bondi vowed. “I've been doing that, and it's so interesting how fast I can get a CEO to do that when I start shaming them.”

Despite a story circulating online about Delta Air Lines astronomically increasing flight prices out of Miami, Bondi explained the airlines have actually been great during the days before the storm.

“They've done everything possible to help us,” she explained. “I have them all on speed dial, so if someone has a problem and calls my hotline, we get that fixed.”

She went on to list a variety of corporations who have reached out to her to ask how they can help but reiterated the “bad ones” won't be tolerated and that she does have a price gouging statute she can activate during emergencies.

“Shame on you,” Bondi said. “If you're trying to make an extra buck when our Floridians need essential commodities. That's horrible.”

She added her focus has shifted from convenience stores increasing prices on water to hotels raising room prices because “that saves lives.”

Bondi, in no uncertain terms, ended the segment with a message to all residents in an evacuation zone: “Get out of there right now.”

Check out her interview in the video below:

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