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Trevor Noah with Chris Cuomo inset (Comedy Central screenshot)

Screenshot/Comedy Central

On Sunday night into Monday morning, CNN's coverage of Hurricane Irma was arguably a bit offbeat, with moments like Don Lemon and Sara Sidner's interaction about body image or the insistence that the reporters outside in the eye of the storm went there so viewers didn't have to. About a day later, on Monday night, “The Daily Show” noticed.

In the clip in question, Sara Sidner remarked that winds easily moved her around, even as a “chunky girl,” to which Don Lemon said she was “beautiful” and that there was “nothing wrong with having a little curve.”

“Wow,” began host Trevor Noah. “Wow. OK, that was a bit weird, because Don Lemon? That reporter said nothing about being beautiful ... I wish the camera would have cut back to Sara [Sidner] to respond like, ‘Yeah Don, I never said I wasn’t beautiful.' And then Don Lemon would have to over-compensate.”

“The Daily Show's” host then played a clip of Chris Cuomo saying that “standing in a storm is not a smart thing to do — we do it so you don't have to.'”

Noah took particular issue with this, "It’s like if the guys from 'Jackass' were like, ‘Well, someone’s gonna have to let the rattlesnake bite their penis. We’re gonna do it so you don’t have to! Yeah!'”

“You don’t actually have to send the reporters out there,“ he added. ”You can just show us trees blowing in the background, then we get it!”

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