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A shooter is in custody after opening fire at Freeman High School in Washington on Wednesday, leaving one dead and injuring at least three others, according to the Associated Press.

Three patients were rushed to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children's Hospital to receive medical attention. According to reports, the individuals were in stable condition with family members by their side.

No further details on the shooter have been released.

A mother of a freshman Freeman High School student said her son called after hearing gunfire. “He called me and said, 'Mom there are gunshots.' He sounded so scared. I've never heard him like that,” Cheryl Moser told The Spokesman-Review.

“You never think about something happening like this at a small school,” she added.

One student appears to have shared an image of their class taking cover during the incident:

Another parent, Stephanie Lutje, told The AP she was impressed by the response from local law enforcement and thankful that her son was safe.

“It's been amazing, within probably 15-20 minutes of hearing about it, I'd already received a phone call, I'd already received a text message saying that their school is OK,” Lutje said.

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