After Media Rips Apart Trump UN Speech, Nikki Haley Reveals What United Nations Members Really Thought

| SEP 21, 2017 | 10:11 PM

Screenshot/The White House

President Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations on Tuesday was met with fierce criticism in the media.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell said Trump threatened to commit a “war crime” with his comments on North Korea, as O'Donnell's NBC colleague — Joy Behar— claimed that the speech “horrified” her.

How did members of the United Nations feel about Trump at the United Nations? Did they see things like some in the media?

According to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, no — they applauded his approach. Haley addressed Trump's speech at the UN during a press conference on Thursday. And she was the deliverer of lots of good news.

“You had the president and the Secretary-General rolling out massive reforms for the U.N. What was extraordinary was we had 130 countries that have now signed on to that reform. That is over two-thirds of the General Assembly, which is who is going to vote on this at the end, so that was a great start to the week,” Haley said.

Next, she brought up Trump's speech.

Haley said, in part:

“You saw the president’s address to the General Assembly. I think it showed the strength of the United States, but it also asked the world to come together and it asked all the countries to come together as we fight these rogue regimes, mainly North Korea and Iran.

And I think what you saw were a lot of countries responded. They were very positive to the speech, and they appreciated how blunt and honest he was."

Haley added, “I think that has been the overall theme of the international community this week, is how straightforward he was and how refreshing it was as they heard him speak.”

And now we have the full story on how the U.N. felt.

You can see Haley's comments in the White House video below.