Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Back On Capitol Hill For Health Care Vote, After Cancer Diagnosis Last Week

Win McNamee /Getty Images

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) announced in a statement on Friday that he “cannot in good conscience” vote yes on the latest Republican effort to repeal Obamacare, possibly landing another death blow to the party's health care bill.

“I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal. I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried,” he said in the statement. The Arizona senator also expressed concern over supporting the bill before seeing a full score from the Congressional Budget Office.

“I take no pleasure in announcing my opposition,” McCain said while adding that he considers the names on the bill, both Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.), “dear friends.”

“I hope the in the months ahead, we can join with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to arrive at a compromise solution that is acceptable to most of us, and serves the interests of Americans as best we can,” he added.

McCain now joins Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) as the party's other hard “no” vote on the bill. Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) are likely no votes.

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