White House Distances Itself From Roy Moore's Controversial Views on Homosexuality, Muslims

| SEP 28, 2017 | 8:34 PM
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During her Thursday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders indicated President Donald Trump did not hold Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore's controversial views on homosexuality and a Muslim lawmaker's ability to serve.

Sanders responded to a question about Moore pushing to make homosexuality illegal, among other things. She responded by saying that she knew Trump's stances on those issues and “wouldn't see any parallel between the two of them on that front.”

Another reporter noted that Trump “warmly embrace[d]” Moore after he beat Trump's preferred candidate, Luther Strange, on Tuesday in the state's Republican primary. As a follow-up question, the reporter asked whether Moore's controversial comments should disqualify him from receiving Trump's support.

“I'm wondering why those comments shouldn't disqualify him from a presidential endorsement, particularly considering that [on] the campaign trail, the president promised to be advocates for those groups,” the reporter said.

Sanders refused to say, however, whether Moore's controversial comments disqualified him and instead said she wouldn't comment on “the back-and-forth of political endorsements.”

When pressed on whether a candidate could take any action or express any belief that would disqualify them from receiving Trump's support, Sanders said she wouldn't get into hypotheticals in political races.

“I'm not going to get into every potential hypothetical that every potential candidate may or may not have,” Sanders said.

Watch Sanders's responses below, via Fox News.