Oprah Has Made Official Announcement About 2020 Run for President

| OCT 18, 2017 | 5:56 PM

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey recently fueled the rumors about running for president in 2020 when she retweeted a story about such a tantalizing possibility and issued a personal message:

The billionaire media mogul says that Donald Trump’s presidential success led her to rethink what it means to be qualified to be president, saying:

“I never considered the question, even a possibility, but now, after seeing Trump win, I just thought, ‘Oh, oh?’”

Winfrey has been hyper-political in the past. She stumped for Barack Obama in 2007:

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She’s been a friend of the Obamas and tagged along for the Obama administration’s ultimately failed attempt at getting the Olympics in Chicago:

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Winfrey has been a public presence with the Democrats:

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And some have fantasized about Winfrey running for office before:

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But now?

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On “CBS This Morning,” Oprah was asked about her future political life by her friend and show host Gayle King:

”I think you could break news here today ... 2020, I'm wondering if you've narrowed down your short list of VP candidates?”

The Daily Mail reported that her answer was unequivocal:

“Well you can be safe with that. There will be no running for office of any kind for me.”

Well, that settles it.

Until the next time the rumors crank up, that is.