Clinton Campaign, DNC Helped Fund Infamous Trump Dossier: Report

| OCT 25, 2017 | 12:51 AM

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee both reportedly helped fund research that led to the now-infamous, and at times salacious, dossier filled with allegations of President Donald Trump's ties to Russia.

According to The Washington Post, DNC and Clinton lawyer Marc Elias hired Washington opposition firm Fusion GPS to carry out the research. Fusion GPS then hired British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier.

Prior to the DNC and Clinton campaign's funding, which lasted right up until the 2016 election, an as-of-yet unnamed Republican donor funded the firm during the primary race.

The dossier contains multiple uncorroborated claims and errors.

The new revelations follow Trump alleging on Twitter last week that “Russia, the FBI or the Dems” may have had a hand in the “Fake Dossier.”

News that Clinton and the DNC, at least in part, paid for research resulting in the dossier will likely provide critics with more ammunition to combat the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign's relationship with Russia.