Trump Russia Investigation Goes Nuclear as Mueller Reportedly Files First Charges

| OCT 28, 2017 | 3:22 PM
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The term “bombshell” gets used a lot in relation to the Trump/Russia investigation, and although I don't think it's overused, Friday night saw a Mother of All Bombshells with the revelation that special counsel Robert Mueller has filed the first charges in the case.

According to CNN, the sealed indictments could result in an arrest or arrests as soon as Monday:

A federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

That revelation was always going to be a matter of when, not if, but it now sends this scandal into a new phase that actually appears to have begun earlier this week. For several days now, the pitch of the White House's desperate attempts to create a Hillary Clinton counter-narrative on Russia has risen to eardrum-shattering levels, perhaps an indication this news was in the air. The subject or subjects of those indictments would have been among the first to know, and as CNN notes, so would Trump's Justice Department.

While this would seem to be a time of celebration for the anti-Trump resistance, nothing could be further from the truth. This moment was always going to come, and what comes next will likely be the continued failure of every institution, save Mueller and his team. Republicans in Congress will be faced with the choice of continuing to go along with Trump when he inevitable lashes out at Mueller, and their actions just prior to this news don't inspire confidence.

Our political news media has continued an unbroken streak of failure this week, biting down hard on the twin Hillary Clinton distractions of the Steele dossier funding and the absurd Uranium One conspiracy. Just hours before CNN's big story broke, that network's Dana Bash was on the air saying that the Uranium One conspiracy was “not a great story” for Democrats:

Anyone who can look at the set of facts that are already publicly known and not already know how this ends up is either willfully blind or dishonest. We already know that Donald Trump obstructed justice. We already know that his campaign met with Russian agents to collude (and that Trump admitted he “may have” known about the meeting at the time), and we know that Russia and Trump acted in each others' interests following that meeting.

Yet, our mainstream media wakes up every day like newborn babies who just can't remember any of that, or focus their eyes enough to tell the difference between it and Hillary Clinton bullshit.

There is no suspense as to how this will end. The suspense is in how we will get there, and what will happen at the end. What will Trump do to fight for his grip on power, how will our institutions respond, and what sort of hell will be unleashed in the aftermath? We'll know a lot more after the fuse is lit by the arrest/arrests next week.

Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders declaring that the whole Russia thing has been flipped around, hours before this news broke, below.

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