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On Monday, social media giants Facebook and Twitter associated Russian-linked actors with millions of posts and thousands of accounts on the two platforms.

In a written testimony for Congress this week, Facebook's general counsel Colin Stretch put the number of Russian-linked posts at around 80,000, while Twitter estimated accounts on its platform generated 1.4 million automated tweets, Business Insider reported.

Facebook downplayed that 80,000 figure, however, noting that although about 29 million people received the Russian-backed content, the amount of posts was a small fraction of all the content on Facebook.

Those 80,000 posts amounted to one out of every 23,000 posts on the social media platform, Reuters reported Stretch saying.

Twitter similarly noted that the 1.4 million automated tweets gained about 288 million impressions, but the 36,746 accounts identified only represented “1/100th of a percent (0.012%) of the total accounts on Twitter” during the 2016 election.

Many of the posts and accounts emanated from the Russian troll factory known as the Internet Research Agency (IRA).

As Independent Journal Review previously noted, the IRA utilized posts that demonized former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and harped on social issues like homosexuality.

Twitter, according to its written testimony, suspended each of the accounts it associated with the IRA and gave the account names to Congressional investigators.

Those numbers came just days after Twitter announced it would ban advertising from Russia Today and Sputnik, two news outlets that U.S. intelligence suspected of acting on Russia's behalf to influence the 2016 election.

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