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President Donald Trump followed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's public remarks on Wednesday by tweeting an attack on NBC News and falsely claiming that Tillerson “totally refuted” the outlet's reporting from earlier that morning:

Prior to Tillerson speaking, Trump tweeted that NBC News was “more dishonest than” one of the president's favorite targets, CNN:

On Wednesday, Tillerson responded to a report from NBC News that claimed that amid growing tension between Trump and his chief diplomat, Tillerson threatened to resign and even called the president a “moron.” Although Tillerson did say he never considered resigning from the State Department, he never denied calling his boss a moron.

Instead, Tillerson dismissed that claim as pertaining to something “petty” and refused to explicitly deny making that characterization.

Ascribing the rumors of his departure to nefarious interests, Tillerson said he's learned that Washington, D.C., had people who sought to undermine Trump and his agenda.

NBC News claimed that a dozen senior administration officials informed its report on Tillerson.

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