Russian state hackers stole cyber defense tools from the National Security Agency via a contractor's personal computer, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reports the breach took place in 2015, but was not discovered until last year, and was possibly done through a contractor's use of Russian-made antivirus software from Kaspersky Labs.

The information obtained by Kremlin actors included “how the NSA penetrates foreign computer networks, the computer code it uses for such spying and how it defends networks inside the U.S.,” according to the report.

Kaspersky Labs has denied any involvement in the hack, telling the Journal it “has not been provided any information or evidence substantiating this alleged incident, and as a result, we must assume that this is another example of a false accusation.”

Rob Joyce, the Trump administration's cybersecurity coordinator, has warned against the use of Kaspersky Lab's software, believing the company has deep ties to the Kremlin.

“I worry that as a nation-state, Russia really hasn't done the right things for this country and they have a lot of control and latitude over the information that goes to companies in Russia. So I worry about that,” Joyce said in August.

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