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President Donald Trump is expected to decertify the Obama-era nuclear deal negotiated with Iran, effectively deferring to Congress on next steps and raising the possibility the United States could slap additional sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation.

As part of his opposition to the plan, Trump would declare it contrary to the United States's national interest and, through decertification, trigger a 60-day congressional review period. Doing so, however, would not unilaterally end the agreement, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

On Oct. 10, Trump will reportedly speak on his plans for a new strategy in dealing with Iran. During a speech at the United Nations last month, Trump blasted Iran for funding terrorism, among other things, and called the nuclear deal an “embarrassment.”

Although the White House refused to confirm Trump's speech, sources briefed on Trump's plan reported on his intent to decertify the deal. A National Security Council spokesman, Michael A. Anton, merely said, “The administration looks forward to sharing details of our Iran strategy at the appropriate time.”

Trump's speech would come just before the Oct. 15 deadline he has for telling Congress whether Iran is complying with the agreement and whether it's in the U.S.'s national interest.

Earlier this summer, the Trump administration said that while the Iranian regime was technically complying with the deal, it was “in default of the spirit” of the deal. Shortly thereafter, the State Department announced it would impose new sanctions on 18 individuals and entities suspected of encouraging Iranian nuclear proliferation.

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