Chuck Todd Says 'Feelings' Matter in False Hillary Clinton Rigging Story, Not Facts

| NOV 4, 2017 | 5:25 PM
Chuck Todd Elizabeth Warren

Supporters of Hillary Clinton, and/or just of the truth, are getting a little bit into the weeds on the follow-up reporting involving the false claim the Hillary Clinton campaign “rigged the nomination process,” which is what former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile claimed despite what she says now.

Since Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D?-MA) betrayed all Democrats by embracing this lie, more details have emerged that further clear Clinton of this accusation, but that is completely beside the point.

Even if there wasn't a memo showing the agreement between the DNC and Clinton's campaign was only effective for the general election, not the primaries, and even if there wasn't an email showing that Bernie Sanders's campaign was offered the same kind of deal, the situation that Brazile described in her book excerpt did not constitute rigging of anything. Full stop.

At worst, it showed the Clinton campaign bailing out the DNC and taking steps to protect the money (from Democratic voters) they poured into that bailout. Call the DNC's shitshow a scandal if you want, but even the wrong facts Brazile laid out did not show any sort of rigging.

I bring all of this up because when Brazile's claims were first being reported, Chuck Todd went on TV to say that “nuances” showing this was not rigging didn't matter and that the “feelings” of Sanders supporters are what's really important in this story (emphasis added):

“Donna Brazile rolled a grenade into the Democratic Party, pure and simple. The bell cannot be unrung. She may try to claim that she didn't say Hillary Clinton rigged the DNC in her favor, but she might as well have in the way she laid this out. And look, there are some that are pushing back on her privately to me, and claiming, look, there's more nuance here. Nuance is out the window, man. This is confirming the feelings of a lot — thousands of Sanders supporters, and it's reinforcing that narrative. Look, this grenade [has] exploded inside the Democratic Party. There's going to be a lot of collateral damage. The current DNC chair, I think, has a big challenge on his hands.”

I'm sorry to break it to you, Chuck, but out here in real America, “nuances” like “Actually, the activity described doesn't constitute rigging” are what we call “facts,” and if they matter less than “feelings,” it's because you threw them “out the window.” Making facts matter is literally your only job.

Todd is probably right about the possible political fallout from this, but only because so many journalists bit down so hard on this lie instead of doing their jobs and exposing it. Oh, and because Elizabeth Warren.

Todd interviewed the Massachusetts senator and Willie Horton-Era Republican, too, and aside from agreeing again with the “rigging” lie, Warren also said the feelings of Sanders supporters were the most important thing to the Democrats, more so than the facts the rest of the 53 million more of us who voted for Clinton — and anyone who can read plain English — can plainly see.

Warren can join Sanders on the horse he rode in on. We'll stick with the truth.

Watch Todd interview Warren about the rigging lie below.

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