Chris Christie Gets Into Verbal Spat With a Constituent at the Polls

| NOV 7, 2017 | 6:22 PM


By virtue of leaving office, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will soon forfeit the not-so-coveted title of America's Least Popular Governor. But that didn't stop him from having another classic Christie moment at his polling place Tuesday.

When Christie went to cast his vote in Tuesday's gubernatorial election, he ended up in an argument with one of his constituents. The exchange, captured on video by New York Times reporter Nick Corasaniti, shows the sitting governor mocking the constituent for her criticisms:

“Go in and vote for [whoever] you want,” Christie said, dismissing the constituents concerns. “You're so frustrated. You know what? The easiest thing in the world — the easiest thing in the world is to stand where you stand ... and critique.”

“It's easier to sit here and complain,” Christie continued. “But, you know what, that's the joy of public service. It's serving folks like you ... that is really such a unique joy. It really is, you're fabulous.”

Thanks in no small part to Christie's legacy, Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno has faced an uphill battle in the New Jersey gubernatorial race. All of the latest polls show Guadagno's opponent, Democrat Phil Murphy, holding a solid double-digit lead going into Tuesday's election.

After trying to distance herself from Christie, Lt. Gov. Guadagno can't be too pleased with the current governor's headline-grabbing antics on Election Day.

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